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About Us

“Well researched high quality natural products”

NatRx is a family business established in 2008. We have been intimately involved with doctors and healthcare practitioners from many disciplines for over 20 years and as a result have become acutely aware of the need to set a new standard for the selling and dispensing of prescribed natural medicines.

We are concerned that scripts written for a specific product are substituted for different brands by the health food store or pharmacy. Unlike pharmaceuticals, ‘generic’ herbal & nutritional products are not all the same. There can be significant differences between brands, which on the label appear to have the same ingredients. This can affect its healing properties as well as potentially interacting in a different way with other medications. For example, did you know that the Flordis product Remotiv is the only St Johns wort that contains no hyperforin, the constituent responsible for interactions with the oral contraceptive pill and other medicines?

Practitioners and patients using NatRx can be confident they will receive the “exact” natural medicine prescribed by their practitioner. As a result, we are proud to be the first on-line retailer in Australia that can process your prescription for “practitioner only” natural medicines.

We have a small range because we are passionate about the products we offer. Each product is thoroughly researched in order to meet our own high standards. You can be assured that all products on offer are the best we can access and indeed some will be exclusive in Australia to NatRx.