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Natural laxative and dietary fibre 
Agiolax is a unique combination of natural fibres and laxative. It contains senna in a special controlled slow release form. The ratio of fibres matches a healthy diet high in insoluble fibres. This specially formulated fibre, mixed with senna, offers an excellent natural solution to constipation and low dietary fibre intake. The unique fibre combination results in less bloating and flatulence. The slow release senna provides overnight relief without any pain or cramping. Clinically proven Agiolax is one of the leading products of its kind in the world. 

Adults and children over 10 years
One heaped teaspoon followed by a glass of water
Best taken in the evening and if necessary before breakfast 

60 : 40 mix of psyllium seeds (plantago ovata) : psyllium husks (ispaghula husks) 
combined with senna

Always read the label. Use only as directed. 
If symptoms persist, patients should consult their healthcare professional

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