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For the symptomatic relief of poor circulation, tinnitus & vertigo and reduced cognitive function
Tebonin (EGb 761) is a clinically proven, herbal extract of Ginkgo biloba. Clinical research has shown Tebonin to be helpful in the management many conditions. The best evidence supports its use for improving arterial blood circulation in the legs and brain. It may be helpful in reducing the symptoms of tinnitus and vertigo (dizziness) and reduced cognitive function such as forgetfulness, lack of focus and concentration.

Tebonin may help in the management of peripheral artery disease and intermittent claudication. Although the research is inconclusive to support the use of Ginkgo biloba in preventing and treating dementia; certain types of dementia with neuropsychiatric features have been shown to respond to Tebonin.

Ginkgo biloba comes from a single type of tree and is the only remaining representative of its phylum; it contains chemical substances unknown in other living things. Tebonin has antioxidant properties as a free radical scavenger and promotes vasodilatation to improve blood flow through arteries, veins and capillaries.


1 to 2 tablets daily
away from food

30 tablets
Each tablet contains:
Ginkgo biloba – extract EGb 761
120mg (50:1) equiv. dry leaf 6g. Standardised to 3.5mg bilobalide, 3.7mg ginkolides
Non active ingredients include: lactose

Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist, patients should consult their healthcare professional


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